My songs cover a range of themes. These include everyday themes like buying a house, sailing on the weekend, childhood memories, love as well as more intense themes including the treatment of people with a mental illness, feelings evoked from visiting war memorials, historical themes.

I view lyrics as being of central importance and am quite proud of the strength of my lyrics.


Opal Street

"Opal Street" is my second CD and was released in September 2011.

It is available from Chaos Music Chaos Music Opal Street

Also available to download on iTunes iTunes "Opal Street"

Maybe This Year

What the Reviews said:

"As I listen to the CD, three words that immediately spring to my mind: unpretentious, uncomplicated and honest. A fusion of country and folk, these are songs that come straight from the heart, and are genuinely Australian in outlook and feel; as Australian as “The Streets of Forbes”. My impression is that they come from a kind-hearted battler who has experienced a fair swag of life, but who has found an inner contentment that allows him to look upon the world around with a keen observer’s eye." Mike Raine 2009.

Available at iTunes, CD Baby Bandcamp and emusic as a digital download.